Loading Criteo Campaign Data into R

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Author: Johannes Burkhardt

Loading Criteo Data Into R

The aim of RCriteo is loading Criteo online advertising campaign data into R. The package provides an authentication process for R with the Criteo API. Moreover, the package features an interface to query campaign data from the Criteo API. The data can be downloaded and will be transformed into a R data frame.


The package can be installed directly from this Github repository with:




The function doCriteoAuth manages the complete authentication process and returns an authentication token.

Create Statement:

scedCriteoReport generates the campaign report statement and schedules the report. The API returns a job ID, which will later be used to receive the data.

Campaign Information and IDs:

getCriteoCampaigns loads campaign information including campaign IDs.

Download Data:

criteoData manages the complete data download process. The function returns the requested data as data frame.

Criteo Job Status:

getCriteoJobStatus monitors if the API processed the report.

Download URL:

getCriteoDownloadURL returns the download Url of the report.

Loading Data:

getCriteoData loads the data into as R data frame.

Get Account Information

getCriteoAccount returns the account information.

Get Campaign Information

getCriteoCampaigns returns list of Campaigns and additional information.



authToken <- doCriteoAuth(user = "userName", password = "**********", company = "companyName", app = "appName", version = "3.6")

Retrieve Campaign Information and IDs

getCriteoCampaigns(authToken = authToken, appToken = '*************')

Create Statement

jobID <- scedCriteoReport(authToken = authToken, appToken = '*************', campaigns = c("12345", "23345", "98765", "45639"), metrics = c("clicks", "impressions", "cost", "sales"), start = "2014-01-01", end = "2014-01-31")

Download Data

data <- criteoData(authToken = authToken, appToken = '*************', jobID = jobID)

Get Job Status

jobStatus <- getCriteoJobStatus(authToken = authToken, appToken = '************', jobID = jobID)

Get Download URL

URL <- getCriteoDownloadURL(authToken = authToken, appToken = '************', jobID = jobID)

Load Data

data <- getCriteoData(URL = URL, jobID = jobID)